Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred  site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Intro to Life of Madre Grande Monastery 101

The beginning course

Have you ever wondered what is like to live in a Monastery? Whether you’ve been to Madre Grande for one of our festivals or sweat lodges or you never heard of us, here is your chance to experience life at Madre Grande for a weekend. Join the monks and participate in our meals, work, prayer and meditation.

Residential Program

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  This special opportunity comes subject to availability at a $100/person as a special offer from which you can work part or most of it off. Participants will be hosted in the main monk house. You will gain full encounter with Mother Nature and with the monk’s daily rhythm.

 Program starts Friday after dinner with an introductory talk and highlights of Madre Grande’s history.

 Saturday will include Yoga/Reiki/Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9, and study group from 12.30 to 1.30.

 You will participate in two hours of karma yoga per day of stay. Karma yoga means achieving perfection in action and we will invite you to mindfully and sacredly join our daily projects.

  Sunday after Yoga/ Reiki/ Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9 you will participate in a tour of the grounds.

  If you wish to stay longer than one week-end, prior to the close of your stay period, please write a letter to the community exxpressing your motivation to spend more time in our monastery setting. We are very happy to have friends practicing with us for longer periods of time, but the community will make the final decision only after your first two weeks at Madre Grande, based on your capacity to live in harmony with the comunity and your commitement to the practice. Financial arrangements are made on an individual basis after careful considerations.

Areas of Potential Service and Work Responsibility

Land Stewardship / Brush clearing / Fire suppression
Road Work
General Maintenance
Facilities management

Participant guidelines

Participants are required to make the following commitments:

Live and practice in accordance with reverence for all life, not possessing anything that should belong to others, not engaging in sexual relations without true love and long, deep commitment made known to family and friends, commitment to deep listening and truthful, loving speech, and mindful in cultivating good physical and mental health for oneself, family, and society
Serve in a wholehearted and responsible way - Click here for the review of the Guest guidelines and information
Participate in community activities as much as possible
Establish good communication with other members of the community
Perform required duties established with a monastic lead
Follow the guidance of a mentor
Practice for personal transformation and growth
Live in harmony with the monastic trainings and norms
Be flexible and willing to adapt to changes in work responsibilities, practice and work schedule changes
Abide by monastic community decisions and guidance
Be responsible for personal medical and dental care
Be responsible for personal living expenses (for example: clothing, toiletries, outside financial responsibilities)

For more information, please, fill in an application for consideration here.