men's and women's sweat lodge - Inipi Ceremony

The Medicine Shield Strong Heart Society Invites all interested Men & Women to our Monthly Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel Teaching.

Every third Saturday of the month from 10am to 5pm

Experience a sweat lodge in a healing circle of people. Learn the wise Medicine Wheel Teachings to release past pain and replace with joy, confidence and bravery.

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Tribal's man retreat day

What does it mean to be a man in today's world?

Here are some topics that will be covered during this meaningful gathering:

Words Matter, use them wisely
Moving obstacles out of the way
Learning to Say no without guilt or regret
Being Passionate and what that really means
Being Confident without being arrogant
Being Faithful
Men and Violence
Male Depression
And moreā€¦

Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred  site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

women's sweat Lodge

      Experience an ages old ceremony in a healing circle of women. 
Our leader, Roberta "Mama Bear" Moon, carries ceremonies and teachings from husband Hawk Moon and his family. She has been pouring lodge and sharing teachings for over 27 years. She will be supported by the female members of the Medicine Shield Strong Heart Society committed to keeping the circle safe and prepared for your healing journey.

                                              Suggestions for an Enriched Inipi Ceremony Day

      Please wear a long skirt and a shirt with sleeves (for Women) or shorts and a T-Shirt (for Men) and bring a towel for inside the sweat lodge - these items will get dirty. Come hydrated and bring extra water. I suggest that you bring an extra change of clothes and a clean towel (to dry off with) since lodge wear will be wet and muddy. Outdoor shower and bathroom available at event site. Please also bring a dish of your choice for our post lodge potluck (note: we do not provide a way to heat or keep food cold). Suggested donation of $60 will be collected at arrival - cash or check only. A portion of your donation goes to Madre Grande. Please make check out to Roberta Moon.

Item Checklist:

2 towels/ one for inside the lodge and one for drying off after lodge

Folding chair

Wear a long Skirt and T-Shirt or Shorts and a T-Shirt

Extra clothes and jacket


Bottles of water for hydration

Favorite dish to share

Donation: $60 cash or check made out to Roberta Moon

Travel Hint:
Be vigilant to the Lucky Six Truck Trail left turn off of the 94. Please note that the final climb up that dirt road will be safe if taken slowly. I suggest that you add an extra 15 minutes for that drive up the hill. The Monastery is behind the left gate at the very end of the road - please shut the gate behind you. Follow the signs to the Sweat Lodge. Please send any questions via Facebook messenger.