Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred  site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

                                    A School for Holistic Living

Madre Grande Monastery has a few guest rooms available for overnight, week end, or one month retreats for those taking live-in courses. As a student you will be introduced to the monastery lifestyle, be apprised of the rules, and brought into the daily monastery rhythm. Your daily schedule depends on which study emphasis you choose. By living, studying, working and playing at the same place, all aspects of our holistic lifestyle will be presented. This is a rare oportunity to live in a rural Southern California foothill valley. Surrounded by untouched and unspoiled ecosystems, it is a healing experience just to be here. Our large, intercultural library will be a delight, too. Come and learn to live in a truly sacred manner.

First and Foremost

Primarily we are a school for members of The Paracelsian Order. There are five Minor Orders required to be a Monk or Friar of a monastery. Accordingly, there are five courses available to Postulant Monks and Friars.

Focus Your Intent

Select a focus for your spiritual retreat. It may be:

  • Theosophy 
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Holy Fire Reiki
  • Usui Reiki 
  • Gardens and Greenhouse
  • General Maintenance 
  • Kitchen and Cooking
  • Healthful (Holistic) Living

Clean water from our own deep wells; clear skies above the coastal smog; the silent atmosphere of a secluded mountain valley; gardens, and fields; hiking trails; all in a natural preserve, surrounded by loving people with plenty of stress free doing to excite all aspects of your being.


                      Our Mission is Teaching

Ignorance is a dragon that will slay us, if we do not slay it first. While there are myriads of schools to train us for the business place, there are far fewer that offer a balanced lifestyle and a whole-life curriculum. We believe all parts of our being must be nutured and allowed to grow - body, mind, emotion, intellect and spirit. Our goal is mastery, longevity, and high purpose.

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