Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Sample of Heal in nature day

Please arrive by 8:45 AM, park in the parking lot of the Monk House, and make your way to the Sun Center If you arrive early, feel free to enjoy a cup of tea in the Sun Center

  9:00 Opening Circle

  9:15 Healing Earth Garden

    We are maintaining the Healing Earth Garden and the Nature trails  at Madre Grande Monastery as part of our reverent service to the Great Mother.  You don’t have to worry if you can meditate for hours or not. Nine meditations in the Garden will take you from one primordial state to another. Be open to the insight of what is happening within as you journey from station to station.

10:30 Labyrinth Experience

    Walking the Loving-Kindness All The Time Labyrinth. The journey through the labyrinth leads us to our own loving center and then back into the world, the place where we get to share our love.

11:30 Rock meditation-Belly Centering

    We will find a comfortable place on the grass and lie down with a rock on our bellies.  By following the rise and fall of our abdomen while breathing, the experiences of the day will be integrated in our core.

1:00 Mindful Lunch

    Eating a silent meal together can be a meditative practice. We establish ourselves in the present moment and practice eating with a sense of peace, ease, and gratitude.

2:00 Personal Re-connection with the Garden

    Your choice of activity in Nature

3:00 Herb Walk

     In a ceremonial manner- peaceful and attentive to Nature- we will participate in the Herb Walk and enjoy the presence of the chaparral, white sage, buckwheat, manzanita, and wild lilac fields around the Monastery.

4:00 Closing Circle

   An opportunity to share what impressed us most or listen to stories about plants, animals, and spirits of the land.

4:30 End


      There is no fee for taking part in a Heal In Nature Day, but we suggest a donation of $20 to 30 per person. Donations are our main source of support, so every offering is greatly appreciated. Your contribution can help us keep the monastery open all year. You can make your offering in the donation box in the Monk House.


Please contact us in advance if you are planning to come at Madre Grande for Heal in Nature Day.

      Suggestions for an Enriched Day

       Come hydrated and bring extra water.  Hiking boots are not necessary, but sturdy comfortable shoes, pants, and long sleeved shirt should be worn. Hat, sunscreen, and Chap Stick are good ideas.  Daytime temperatures may be pleasant to hot.  The greatest dangers to physical well-being are rattlesnakes and slipping and falling.  While the chances of being bitten by a snake or becoming seriously injured are small, mindfulness is called for at all times, and help will be nearby.  We will each be on our individual journey—together—offering spiritual and physical support when needed.

            There will be a brief orientation on other requirements, and emergency procedures before we start our journey.

    Enjoy a day of Peace and Healing in Nature!

    In all spiritual endeavors connection with God/ Nature/ The Source is the main idea. Everybody wants to take a break from being human. The Earth can be an excellent healer when we find a place to reconnect with her.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Heal In Nature Day