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A Short History of Medicine

 This little piece was found floating about the Internet. It should remind us all of the nature of medicine.

"Doctor, I have an earache."

2000 B.C.  "Here, eat this root."

1000 B.C.  "That root is heathen, say this prayer."

1850 A.D.  "That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."

1940 A.D.  "That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."

1985 A.D.  "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."

2000 A.D.  "That antibiotic is artificial, eat this root."


 There are so many associations for both conventional and alternative healers that a comprehensive list would be encyclopedic. In these days when nearly everyone has a web presence and searches are localized worldwide, all one need do is search online for conventional or alternative practitioners and their associations. To help in the search we will give a short description of alternative methods so an informed search request can be made. Our search engine page will, we hope, be of further aid to those seeking information and help.


 Dillard offers five steps to using alternatives safely:

1. Use alternatives under the supervision of a qualified doctor, if you have a serious medical illness.

2. Avoid mixing and matching conventional and alternative therapies on your own."

3. Avoid the "more is better" fallacy."

4. Things that sound too good to be true generally are."

5. Trust your instinct."