Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

        Once begun, there is no obligation to continue or complete any Friar Program, and an individual may opt out or resign at their discretion.

        Becoming a full-fledged monk is not always an option for most people, and yet many wish to give energy to the work of the Order and belong to Madre Grande in some official capacity. The Friar Program at Madre Grande Monastery is intended to allow active participation and membership of individuals in our physical mission and spiritual journey who are unable or not ready to make a full life commitment. We are continually adjusting and adapting the Friar program to better suit our needs and accommodate a wide variety and degree of commitment and contribution from friends and supporters.

        We welcome your inquiry, and thank you for your interest and participation at whatever level feels right for you.

Friar Program

Friar of the Order.   This is a mostly honorary degree with no requirements other than submitting a Friar Application and receiving approval by Board of Trustees of the Paracelsian Order. Friars of the Order agree to follow the five Paracelsian principles for one year, but do not take them on as Vows or go through any initiation ceremonies. This degree is for our friends and supporters who wish to join our mission and demonstrate their affinity for our community and spiritual path without any formal commitment or obligation. We provide a cool certificate suitable for framing, and a small donation is gratefully appreciated.

Life Professed Friar of the Order.   For people who wish to formally join our mission and work without becoming a monk of the monastery, becoming a Life Professed Friar of the Order is possible. This requires the Aspirant to go through the Minor Orders-- with all the teachings, requirements, and initiation ceremonies involved-- (see Becoming A Monk for details)-- without the time conditions between initiations. When completed, this Order conveys the right to form a Cloister of the Order, which can petition the Board for Monastery status. There are no residential requirements for Minor or Major Orders for Life Professed Friar of the Order, although we strongly encourage experience at the monastery before attempting to open a Cloister/Monastery.

Friar of the Monastery.   A Friar of the Monastery is basically like a “wandering monk”, and the requirements are virtually the same as Becoming A Monk. To become a Friar of the Monastery one must come to the Monastery and reside for six months before acceptance as a Postulant. The Minor Orders can then be started. A Friar of the Monastery need not reside at the monastery full time, but is expected to return regularly for social visits, service work, teachings, and initiation ceremonies. Upon completion of the Minor Orders, the Postulant may request to become a Friar of the Monastery. A newly initiated Friar remains in Novice status for one year, and may then apply to become Simply Professed, and one year later Life Professed. Professed Friars of the Monastery have the same voting rights and responsibilities and Monks of the same degree, without full time residency rights or requirements.

        If you feel a connection and perhaps a calling to the community and purpose of Madre Grande Monstery and the Paracelsian Order, but are not ready or able to live at the monastery and begin the path of becoming a monk, then perhaps you may wish to become a Friar. There are several categories or types of Friar, each with its specific requirements and benefits.