Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration


The Usui System of Reiki healing - Classes offered

  • Sho-Den, Level One - The art of Laying-on-of-Hands and learning to treat oneself. Beginning to treat others. First two attunements to open the hand chakras for the Reiki energy. Learn the power of your intention.
  • Oku-Den, Level Two - Two more Reiki attunements; treating others and treatments at a distance. Treatment of animals. Once the Reiki energy is stable in you, you can be trained to focus it at any place where you can hold your intent.
  • Sei-Sen, Level Three, Master - Qualified to treat others as a Master Practitioner. Further in depth training, treatment of injuries, and presentation of the Master Symbol. 
  • Master Teacher, Level Three - Qualified to teach, to train and to initiate  others into all Levels. When as a Master you have been practicing for enough time to make your confidence unshakeable, you can be trained to administer the attunements with true intention and to train others in how to acquire and use the Reiki energy.

        Please Contact us to check on availability.

    REIKI could be described as spiritual healing, in the sense that is non-material, or as energy medicine, in the sense that the giver and the receiver act as conduits for life energy.  At Madre Grande Monastery we are using Reiki as a self-healing practice, and it is through daily use that this art has its deepest value and significance.  Reiki can be used at any time and in any situation where we can lay our hands on ourselves or another.


                                       The precepts of Reiki Healing

Just for today, do not not anger

Just for today, do not not worry

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing