Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

        The following classes are offered free of charge to individuals and groups who stay at Madre Grande Monastery for the weekend, Friday night through Sunday morning.   Most classes are one hour long, and guests staying in the Monk House and dining with us may choose one hour of class per each night of their stay, mixing and matching as desired.  Guests camping for the weekend may choose a one hour complimentary class.   Extra classes may be taken for a $10 suggested minimum donation.   Some classes require more time and count as two or three hours, as noted.  These classes are only available on weekends with no other regularly scheduled retreat on a first come first served basis, and reservations must be made in advance.  Not all classes may be available every weekend. 

        Please peruse our menu and make your selection of complimentary appetizers, and we will be happy to serve you.  Let us know if you have any questions or special requests, and we will endeavor to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.   

Appetizer Class Menu

1.    Mindfulness Meditation:   A brief introduction or refresher class in mindfulness meditation using            breath awareness as a focus of attention.  One hour.  May be repeated for additional instruction.

2.    Loving-Kindness Meditation:  Learn techniques to fill your heart and mind with overflowing love           for all beings.  One hour.  May be repeated for additional instruction.

3.    Theosophy:  Learn the history and basic concepts of Theosophy, and how Theosophy relates to               Madre Grande Monastery.   One hour.  May be repeated for additional instruction.

4.    Medicine Wheel:   Travel around a Native American Medicine Wheel created by Sun Bear and learn         his method and system of Spiritual expression and connection.  One hour.

5.    Reiki:  Introduction to this highly proclaimed and widely used energy healing method.  One hour.                 May be repeated for additional instruction.

6.    Herb Walk/Native Plants:  Walking tour on the land introducing you to native plants and habitats             and their practical, medicinal, and ceremonial uses.  One hour. 

7.    Valley Walking Tour:  A half-mile walk through Madre Grande valley, covering main features and             historic sites.  Short tour—one hour.   Extended tour—two hours.

8.    Spring Trail Hike:  A guided hike to the springs flowing from the heart of the Great Mother                         mountain.  Moderately difficult climb.  Must be in reasonably good health.  One hour.

9.    Sandwich Rock Caves Hike:  A guided hike to the springs, and the rocks and caves above the             springs.  Moderate to strenuous hike.  Must be in good physical health.  Two hours.

10.  Madre Grande Peak Experience:  Guided tour to the top of Madre Grande mountain.  Strenuous           hike with some boulder hopping.  Must be in good health.  Three hours.

11.  Madre Grande History And Vision:  Hear the story of the founding and growth of Madre Grande           Monastery, and the future of our Vision.  One hour.

12.  Monastery Garden:  Take a garden tour and learn methods and techniques for growing food in a           dry mountain environment with numerous insect pests and hungry mammals.  One hour.

13.  Labyrinth Experience:  Walk the Labyrinth and create a pathway to your inner heart.  Learn about         the history and usage of this ancient spiritual tool.  One hour.

Weekend Classes

Appetizers For The Mind And Spirit