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Welness or healing

There are two major concerns about health: (1) maintenance or wellness; and, (2) recovery or healing. Each of these fields is vast and their proponents are manifold. No one website can possibly do justice to the immensity of the task of presenting all the information available. In these pages we will attempt to present a review of alternative healing practices. These are also called non-conventional, complementary, holistic, mind/body, Eastern, traditional and non-traditional medicine or healing. In particular, we will present information on energy and mental healing methods, rather than medical techniques.

Medicine or Prevention

Medicine, properly speaking, is the administration of "medicinals" or "medicine" for the express purpose of maintaining or regaining a state of wellness. We are not engaged in the practice of medicine. Therefore, we will not emphasize nutrition, diet, supplements, herbs, topicals, tonics, or medicine in general. In saying this, we do not suggest that we doubt the efficacy of such treatment, be it for maintenance of wellness or for its restoration. We advise everyone to keep to a well-balanced, nutritional diet and seek appropriate professional help when they feel they need it. We will also avoid the various fields of manipulation, such as reflexology, chiropractics, osteopathy, massage and physical therapy, except as to how specific techniques might help specific issues or aid in attaining the relaxation response.


We are dedicated to bringing you information on all forms of Alternative Healing. Practitioners in these fields give you healing treatments. Educators offer you classes and courses to train you in their field of expertise. Metaphysical or Spiritual Counselors help you attain mental habits and attitudes so you can achieve your goals. You can learn meditation and relaxation techniques to gain stress relief. You can be healthy, happy and whole.
Our primary concern is wellness. Wellness is a state of good health. Generally most of us never think about our health until we lose it. Unfortunately, it is often too late to recover it once it has been lost. Even if it is not too late, it can be quite expensive to regain our health and, perhaps, very painful. Paradoxically, it might even be life threatening to recover it. Wouldn't it be wiser to remain well rather then become ill? Towards this HEALING end offers Reiki Treatments, Spiritual Counseling, and training in Usui Reiki, Loving-Kindness and Mindfulness Meditation.

Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred  site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration


our mission is healing