Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration


   In the mindfulness classes you will learn to keep a meditative state even in the frantic materialistic world. Your worldly affairs provide the substance for your meditative practice. These are not classes for withdrawal, they are classes that prepare you for involvement.  The bio-rhythms and  body-mind system are used as a feedback mechanism toward achieving deeper awareness. Of course, this enlightened condition probably won't happen to you during the retreat, but it might.

  1. Body Awareness - The first of the four bio-rhythms is the natural cycle of the  body itself.  You will learn how to listen to your body, take care of it, accept its limitations and true needs, and not identify with it.
  2. Sensory Awareness - Because the senses are the major route by which information about our world gets to us, they will be treated as a separate aspect from the body. We ignore most of this input and color the rest through hasty decisions. Here you will learn to examine all information, as it presents itself at your doors of perception, to slow down and to come to clear and accurate conclusions. The second bio-rhythm, the "so-called" emotional rhythm, applies here.
  3. Mind Awareness - The mental bio-rhythm will demonstrate to you that your mind is a thing apart from the body and the senses. The mind can be freed from the incessant chatter and be trained to sit where it is directed to sit. The body, mind and senses will become tools for you to use to master.
  4. Content Awareness - The fourth bio-rhythm is generally called the intuitional. Intuition is that part of your mind that is not hindered by a need for rationalizing. You can tell how intuitional you might be by what thoughts are in your mind. If your thoughts are on lower, worldly things, you will still need to depend on your rational mind. Clarify the content of your mind and become clear and calm all the time.

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Meditation Classes

                            loving-kindness All the time

     As an Introduction to Meditation we offer our Loving-Kindness All-the-Time series of three classes. The aim is to develop a meditative consciousness that is ready to tackle the inner work of Mindfulness. These three classes focus on:

Loving Yourself - If you do not love yourself, how do you expect to love another? Surely our search to find another that will make us love ourselves will fail. The obstacles to self-love are many. This retreat will lead you to a self-loving state of confidence, courage and freedom from fear.
Loving Another - After learning the basic technique in Loving Yourself, you will be ready to take on Loving-Another. Learn to radiate this divine state upon another. Doors and hearts will open to you. Animals and children will love you and come up to you. Peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams will be yours.
Loving Everyone - Expand your loving-kindness practice into an all-the-time state and radiate your loving-kindness to all beings. Learn to be joyful at all peoples success and well being. Learn to have compassion for those less fortunate. Learn to love and to see all with great clarity.

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