Philosophy And Teachings

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Madre Grande Monastery

  Our purpose is to be a religious, monastic, healing, and teaching order.

     Healing includes healing ourselves, healing each other, and healing the Earth. We also aim to help bring in a new age by living it now. This we see as an age of God realization, Universal Love, Abundance, Truth, and Harmony for all beings. We encourage each one to discover the Divine Light within and to follow a positive path to spiritual perfection.

For more extensive writings on Theosophy and related subjects, we offer the words of the late John H. Drais, our longtime Abbot and one of the founders of Madre Grande Monastery.

     John Drais

The Paracelsian Order is an eclectic and integral teaching and healing Order.   We respect and honor many faiths and spiritual traditions, recognizing  Truth and Wisdom in a wide variety of forms and expressions.  We encourage individuals to incorporate beliefs and practices into their lives that work best for them. 

Although we have no dogma or behavioral codes beyond our five Vows, much of our spiritual focus and physical actions are based upon the principals of mindfulness and loving-kindness.

Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment and accepting what is happening without judgement or distortion from our own fears and desires.  It is a state of calm balance in heart, mind, and body that sees and participates in the truth of reality as it unfolds within and around us.

Loving-kindness-- also known as Metta, Agape, unconditional or Divine Love, and many other terms-- is an opening of the heart to the primary giving force of consciousness and creation.  To give loving-kindness all the time to all beings is to become a direct connection to the Divine within everyone, to become a clear expression of our Highest Self, our God Self.

Being mindful and aware in every moment, and giving unconditional love in all situations, is the "answer" to any question or problem we may encounter in life.  It is the ultimate goal of our lives and spiritual practice.  We strive to achieve this state of being through a variety of daily meditation practices, right livelihood, and continual learning and self-education.  We recognize our own failings and shortcomings without guilt or shame, and seek to find balance and healing in all our thoughts and actions.

We learn, we heal, we share, we grow.     This is our life and our Purpose

We hope you find the information on these various teaching and healing methods inspiring and helpful.