Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Heal  In Nature Day

In all spiritual endeavors connection with God/ Nature/ The Source is the main idea. Everybody wants to take a break from being human. The Earth can be an excellent healer when we find a place to reconnect with her.Click here for details.

Weekend "Appetizer" Classes

        A delicious menu of various one to three hour classes offered free of charge for guests staying in the Monk house during personal weekend retreats.    A great way to sample our teaching and healing philosophies and methods.   Schedule a personal retreat and choose your selection of complimentary "appetizers"

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        This special opportunity comes subject to availability at a suggested donation of $100/person, and includes all meals Participants will be hosted in the Monk house, and will gain a personal perspective and experience of the daily rhythm of Monastery life.

       The program starts on Friday afternoon with brief tour before dinner, followed by an introductory talk in the evening on the history and purpose of Madre Grande Monastery and the Paracelsian Order. Saturday will include Yoga/Reiki/Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9, two hours of karma yoga service work, lunch, and then a study group from 2-3. There will also be time before and after dinner for wandering the trails, exploring the hills, utilizing our extensive library, or more in-depth personal discussions. Sunday includes Yoga/Reiki/Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9, karma yoga service, lunch, and further wanderings, explorations, and discussions.

       After experiencing Life At Madre Grande 101, participants may choose to schedule a longer stay or additional retreats.

The winter solstice is symbolically celebrated as the birth of mystic individuality. We open ourselves to the renewal of creative energy and let the divinity within take over our personality.

At the spring equinox, anchored in our greatness metaphorically, we journey in search of our shadow and regain the power that is trapped within.

At the summer solstice our contemplative, individual experiences symbolically find a way of expression as love and service for all beings.

 The autumnal equinox signifies the transcendence of the ego, and the cycles will repeat themselves all over again at deeper and deeper levels throughout eternity.

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All Retreats And Programs Are Currently Suspended

Listening To Our Mother

An Experimental Experiential Expedition On
Madre Grande Mountain

For over forty years Madre Grande Monastery has been a sacred site for teaching, healing, ceremony, and celebration.  Thousands of people following many positive spiritual paths have visited the land and felt the deep joy and wonder of our shared human experience on Earth.  Most activities have taken place in the valley near the Monastery facilities, and only a few adventurous and hearty souls have ventured to climb the Mother Mountain, to listen to her profound and inspiring wisdom and power. 

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                Solstice and equinox Gatherings

      The four turning points of the year, the solstices and the equinoxes, have been part of the sacred celebrations at Madre Grande since the beginning in 1975.  We continue this tradition by hosting a Meditation Retreat for each change of season.
              The significance for the monks, friars, guests and supporters of the monastery is subtle and varied. We participate in a changing variety of practices and ceremonies during our Meditation Retreats.  From individual reverence, to theosophical readings from the Temple of Peace in Point Loma, to setting intention activities, to Labyrinth journeys, to nature walks, and more.
              Besides the meaning of passing from one season to another we observe these times of the year as portals to self-discovery and knowledge.

Life At Madre Grande Monastery 101

The Beginning Course

Have you ever wondered what is like to live in a Monastery? Whether you’ve been to Madre Grande for one of our festivals or sweat lodges or you never heard of us, here is your chance to experience life at Madre Grande for a weekend. Join the monks and participate in our meals, work, prayer and meditation.