Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

        We are all one human family, living together on our Mother Earth. This is not just a metaphor, it is an observable Truth. We are here to help each other, we are here to learn and grow.  We are here to love one another.

Welcome to our community!

        The residents of Madre Grande, the Monks and Friars, seek to create and maintain an open, honest, and loving relationship with each other and all beings. We are still human, and although our intentions and behaviors occasionally fall short we are here to support each other as we journey along our own individual paths toward spiritual fulfillment. We extend this support to each of our visitors, guests, supporters, and all of humanity.

        Madre Grande is not a cloistered Monastery isolated from the rest of society. The monks are not studiously pursuing enlightenment, or striving to achieve some mystical higher spiritual reality for ourselves, while turning our backs to the rest of humanity. We are a teaching and healing Monastery, at the service of our fellow human beings . Residents, guests, and visitors—past , present, and future—are a vital element of our physical and spiritual community.


        The Madre Grande community is much more than the small group of Monks and Friars who live at the Monastery. Our community extends to the many thousands of guests who have stayed with us for a few months or weeks, attended a retreat or celebration for a weekend, or even just visited us for a day. Our community is also made up of the hundreds of friends, supporters, and former members who have lived at Madre Grande through the years, building infrastructure, working the land, organizing and supporting gatherings, sharing their energy, and creating and shaping the living spirit of Madre Grande Monastery. Our community even includes the “teeming masses” beyond our gates, the culture and society into which we were born, and of which we are still an active part.