The Adventures of Born Again Hippie

by Martin V. Hippie

     Justin Peace, a naïve young man falling in unrequited love with his best friend, acquires a “Magic” day-glo Peace Helmet from a crazed and mysterious aging hippie named Hawk. His world is turned inside-out as the Helmet transports him to the Other Side—to the year 1967—where he becomes the Born Again Hippie. He joins the Army of Peace, a group of hippies, freaks, free spirits, and other beautiful people in a cosmic struggle to overcome a dark force known as the Lost One.

     Pulled back and forth between his Real World and the Other Side, he faces unknown threats and hidden dangers as he tries to win the heart of the woman he loves and prevent a madman named Snake from stealing the Peace Helmet. Reality and fantasy interweave and merge as the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance.

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The Political Ghost

 by Martin V. Hippie

        In 1999 and 2000 an independent candidate for U.S. Congress, Martin V. Hippie, campaigned for office by taking to the streets to share his message and listen to what his fellow American citizens had to say. He walked over 600 miles across northern Illinois carrying a backpack and American flag, and rode a bicycle over 400 miles, seeking political solutions and finding a greater truth about himself and his Nation.

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Spirit Walk: The Great Peace March of 1986

 by Martin V. Hippie

         (Fifteen pages of photos)
        The world is thirty minutes away from total nuclear annihilation.

        The year is 1986. The United States and the Soviet Union face-off in dangerous and escalating game of Mutual Assured Destruction. Fifty thousand nuclear weapons are targeted and ready for war. Armaggedon is just the push of a button away.

        In an effort to prevent global nuclear disaster, over 1,200 people begin walking from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. on the Great Peace March-- a 3,235 mile, eight-and-a-half month long trek for nuclear disarmament. Stranded in the desert by the financial collapse of their sponsoring organization, about 500 Marchers join together to form a community of peace and love. They re-organize and continue the March, demanding an end to the madness of nuclear weapons and offering a message of hope to a troubled world.

        Carrying a black-and-white Peace Flag and wearing a day-glo Peace Helmet, one Marcher, Born Again Hippie, finds himself not only on a walk for global peace, but also on a path of spiritual discovery, commitment, and realization. He vows to walk every step of the way on the Great Peace March, his effort becoming both a poltical statement and a passionate prayer.

        This is the story of an epic and inspiring journey of Peace Marchers in a world on the brink of nuclear war, as seen through the eyes-- and felt in the Heart-- of Born Again Hippie.

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Songs For Sale Or Lease 

 A Book Of Naked Lyrics

by Martin V. Hippie

        All these songs are love songs, even the dark and angry ones, even the political and satirical ones. They come to me out of thin air, most of them, like listening to music on a telepathic radio. I can't write or play music to save my life, so I capture the tunes with the lyrics, with the words, as best I can. It's not always easy. Sometimes it's agonizing.

        These songs were written over the span of almost thirty years, and represent a rather intimate self-portrait in verse. They are a series of poetic paintings of a vast and mysterious inner landscape, and the simple yet profound outer experience of human life. At times hopeful and inspiring, at times dark and foreboding, but always offered as Truth from the heart. 

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        White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is a sacred plant used by shamans, healers and light workers for ceremonies, rituals of protection, purification, intention setting and connection with Spirit.The native belief is that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing, walk, dance and live in a clean, sacred, honest manner. It is the desire of many Native Americans that our brothers and sisters of all colors learn to use ceremony and share it with the world, and the White Sage is a powerful ally. The Spirit of White Sage is capable of dispelling even long standing negative impressions left by conflict, confusion and sorrow.

         Uses of organic White Sage Wands

    Smudge bundles, (wands or sticks) are thick, tightly packed rods of dried herbs, designed for ceremonial use. Light the bundle at one end and put the flame out immediately. The bundle will slowly smolder until it naturally extinguishes itself. Place the wand on a plate and then smudge yourself, others and the ceremonial place. The sacred smoke invites your guides, ancestors and spirits to help cleanse the negative energies from your home and aura.

        Uses of White Sage Essential Oil

    For your own purification add two-three White Sage oil drops to your bath, shower gel, soap or lotion. Before you apply White Sage essential oil on your skin we recommend to dilute it with jojoba or olive oil.  Place a little jojoba oil on your wrist and run your perfume stick with White Sage oil through it. Mix gently.

   Declare your heartfelt intention to purify and protect yourself or others with the sacred power of White Sage. Repeat as you feel called.

   White Sage dissipates emotional tension that contributes to headaches, respiratory congestion, menstrual pains, hot flashes, anxiety and depression.

         Uses of organic White Sage Mist

  • Room spray and other applications for spiritual cleansing and purification such as a mist to cleanse the auric field, disperse negative energies and to cleanse or program crystals and healing tools.
  • As a natural complement to energy work for example in Reiki, Healing Touch, etc.
  • Use instead of water in your favorite lotion or soap recipe.
  • Use as a facial mist or toner, after cleansing.
  • Add to your bathwater for a homeopathic bath treatment.
  • White Sage is a natural deodorizer. Use as a room spray, linen spray or body spray.
  • Use as a mist for tired, sweaty feet.
  • Add to your humidifier for a pleasant scent.Use to wash yoga mats, or floor and walls in your meditation room.

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

        Although we practice non-attachment to things of this material world, things can be useful, pleasant, and necessary.   Having things is nice, but we try not to identify with them or become attached to them.   We are not attached to the things on this page, we are trying to sell them.  We hope you may find some of the things here useful and pleasant, perhaps even necessary or nice.  

        The items in our store are either produced by the Monks (books and sage products), or made for us (t-shirts and bumper stickers-- coming soon!).   All the money raised goes to support our work.   We hope to continue to expand our offerings of products in our store, so check back to see if some of the things appeal to you.  But don't get too attached.

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Sage Products

The Gratitude Bundle

contains 1- 2oz white sage hydrosol

        1- 1 dram white sage oil

         1- 4 in white sage wand

         1- 7 in white sage wand

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