Madre Grande Monastery

If you can’t make it up the mountain to the Monastery, then perhaps you can visit our online store and give us your business there. We are currently limited in our supply of available products, but plan to expand our inventory in the future.

Perhaps the simplest and yet vitally important way to support us is to make a financial donation. You can use the link below to do this online through PayPal, or use the more traditional method of putting a check in the mail. Either way your donation is tax deductible, and much needed and appreciated.

Support Us

We thank you for your interest in supporting the Mission and Purpose of Madre Grande Monastery and the Paracelsian Order. We simply cannot do the work without a little help from our friends.

         The impulse and desire to provide support to people, groups, and causes that we believe in is a beautiful and universal human characteristic. Compassion is an innate and powerful force in our lives, and without it our society and civilization would literally collapse into chaos and ruin. The need to help others is born of our deep recognition that we are all in this together, whatever it is, and that we genuinely need each other to survive, live, thrive, and grow. Our impulse to give assistance and support is a manifestation of our ultimate communion with each other, a physical expression of the Divine Love we share.

        Madre Grande Monastery could not exist without the spiritual and physical support of people who believe in what we are doing and wish to see us continue to operate as a monastery and sacred site for teaching, healing, ceremony, and celebration.

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration