Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

      Our Vows help inform our choices and attitudes in life, providing us with a kind of map to guide us through any situation. They are like the wise guru whispering in our minds and reminding us to follow our heart. But if we need a room addition built we don’t need a guru we need an architect and contractor. We need blueprints and skilled labor. The Vows help us navigate through life, they tell us how to steer the ship, but they don’t set the course, they can’t tell us where we want to go or what we want to do. As a Monastic community we recently concluded that we needed a more practical outline of what we are seeking to accomplish, a kind of to-do list to keep us focused and on course. We came up with a list of five practical goals:

 Madre Grande Monastery Practical Goals


To live with mindfulness and loving-kindness in a cooperative physical and spiritual community.

Monastery Facility
To build and maintain a monastery facility as a residence for up to twelve monks, and to provide additional short term living space for properly permitted guests and supporters.


Place of Retreat
To properly permit and expand the operation of Madre Grande Monastery and land as a permanent site for teaching, healing, ceremony, celebration, and spiritual unfoldment for residents and guests.

Sustainable Ecology
To create and maintain an organic garden and landscape in balance with the Earth, protecting native species and habitats and respecting all life.

To become a vital and cohesive organization, self-sufficient in finances, energy, and food.

Purpose, Vows and Goals