Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Some Of John's Writings

        John Drais was above all a wise, compassionate, visionary man, extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of topics with a sharp wit and keen sense of humor. These are perhaps some of the reasons he touched so many people's hearts so deeply and in so many ways. He applied his attributes and kindness with great focus and passion to his life's work. The Paracelsian Order and Madre Grande Monastery are the continuing manifestation of his compassionate intentions, and although he himself will be missed, his spirit remains very much alive and well. John is survived by his son Elchonan Lewenstein, five grandchildren and one great grandchild, his sister Lorna Creveling and her two daughters Shawna and Valerie, a niece, nephew and grandnephew. His work at Madre Grande Monastery family is continued by three fellow monks Sally Lee, Monica Maghiar, and Martin Hippie, many friars, former monks and people who have made pilgrimages to this sacred place. He was a licensed real estate broker for 22 years, owned and operated a property management and maintenance business. John Drais was president of the Theosophical Society in San Diego until he founded The Paracelsian Order and Madre Grande Monastery in 1975. He served as Abbot of The Paracelsian order from 1994 to present and was Bishop of The Johanine Catholic Church from 1990 until his passing. May light and peace shine on him always!

John H. Drais

October 7, 1940 - January 15, 2014