Madre Grande Monastery

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration

Life At Madre Grande Monastery 101

The Beginning Course

Have you ever wondered what is like to live in a Monastery? Whether you’ve been to Madre Grande for one of our festivals or sweat lodges or you never heard of us, here is your chance to experience life at Madre Grande for a weekend. Join the monks and participate in our meals, work, prayer and meditation.

Living At Madre Grande

        Madre Grande is a monastic community of Monks and Friars of the Paracelsian Order, but our community also extends to guests, visitors, and supporters of our work and Mission.   Individuals living at Madre Grande for more than one month should have a curiousity and interest in joining the Order, and must eventually begin the process of Initiation.   Potential initiates are required to live with us for at least six months and not more than one year, learning about our lifestyle, living and working with the monks, and getting to know each other.   If the individual finds the way of life and people suitable for their  spiritual growth, then they may petition the Monastery to become a Postulant Monk or Friar and begin the process of becoming a member.  

        We usually recommend that individuals start by attending a scheduled retreat or visiting us for a weekend.   If  they feel a calling to pursue a deeper committment, the next step would be to arrange a month long stay.    After this period the potential initiate is asked to return home and take a few weeks or months to integrate their experience at Madre Grande and consider their choices.  If they wish to proceed further, then a six month to one year stay is arranged, after which time the individual may request entry into the Order, or leave to pursue other goals.

        In an effort to more quickly introduce potential members to our way of life, we offer a special retreat called "Madre Grande 101".  This retreat is offered periodically, or may be scheduled by special request.

       We encourage visitors and guests to come to Madre Grande to connect with the Earth and learn about our spiritual community.  If a deep connection and compatibility is found, then perhaps joining us in our work and living at Madre Grande may be the right path for you.

        This special opportunity comes subject to availability at a suggested donation of $100/person, and includes all meals Participants will be hosted in the Monk house, and will gain a personal perspective and experience of the daily rhythm of Monastery life.

       The program starts on Friday afternoon with brief tour before dinner, followed by an introductory talk in the evening on the history and purpose of Madre Grande Monastery and the Paracelsian Order. Saturday will include Yoga/Reiki/Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9, two hours of karma yoga service work, lunch, and then a study group from 2-3. There will also be time before and after dinner for wandering the trails, exploring the hills, utilizing our extensive library, or more in-depth personal discussions. Sunday includes Yoga/Reiki/Meditation 7-8, breakfast 8-9, karma yoga service, lunch, and further wanderings, explorations, and discussions.

       After experiencing Life At Madre Grande 101, participants may choose to schedule a longer stay or additional retreats.