Hiking Trails

Rock Caves and Grottoes

Ancient Oak Groves

Seasonal Lakes

Spectacular Views

Wild Natural Beauty

Monk House

Residence and home of the Monks.  

Organic Garden

We maintain a large organic garden to grow as much of our food as possible. 

The Meditation Room

For Mind

For Body

For Soul

Sunbear Medicine Wheel

Labyrinth in the Loving Kindness Memorial Garden

What is time?

A Day

A Weekend

A Week

A Month


Take a physical and symbolic journey to the center of this traditional labyrinth and discover  your Divine Heart.

Medicine Wheel

Native American Medicine Wheel created by Sun Bear for ceremony and meditation.

Welcome to Madre grande

         Over the years the facilities and amenities have undergone many uses and changes.   Dozens of people of various skills and interests have undertaken many different projects and tasks, and the Monastery has grown in fits and starts with an ever shifting focus of attention at any given time.   Madre Grande lives and ages organically, often defying our most earnest efforts to make it into what we imagine it to be.  What is happening here is dependent upon who is living here and supporting our efforts to build infrastructure and community.  Where we go from here depends on what the members and residents decide. 




Madre Grande Valley

Madre Grande Monastery

Sun Center

A  barn converted into a community center.  In the past, the Sun Center has been a dining room and gathering place for a wide variety of group activities.  It is currently housing the majority of our extensive library.

Virtual Tour

Celebration Area

A Sacred site for healing, teaching, ceremony, and celebration